Vietnamese Cop Cut In Half And Calmly Talks To Bystanders Video Below


Miracle man walks again

He survived against all the odds; now Peng Shulin has astounded doctors by learning to walk again.When his body was cut in two by a lorry in 1995, it was little short of a medical miracle that he lived.

Took a team of more than 20 doctors to save his life. Skin was grafted from his head to seal his torso – but the legless Mr Peng was left only 78cm (2ft 6in) tall.

Bedridden for years, doctors in China had little hope that he would ever be able to live anything like a normal life agan. But recently, he began exercising his arms, building up the strength to carry out everyday chores such as washing his face and brushing his teeth.

Doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre in Beijing found out about Mr Peng's plight late last year and devised a plan to get him up walking again

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good to see dang.

  2. Anonymous says:

    good to gear he survived.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i saw the video somewhere else and was sure he died later on. now im close to tears to see that not only hes alive but just like a rising phoenix. i can hardly find any words to express my respect for this man. just wow!

  4. Anonymous says:

    But there's cellphone that can record the whole thing back in 1995?? That makes me wonder...maybe it's 2 incidents?

  5. Anonymous says:

    For sure it is 2 different incidents. I'm writing this from Vietnam and first, this guy is wearing a vietnamese army uniform and not a cop uniform. The guy you see in the pictures is a chinese guy named Peng Shulin (search in google).
    So again, we have a video and a story not related.

  6. Anonymous says:

    plus how many hitech camera phones where around in 1995

  7. Anonymous says:

    thats messed up!

  8. Joggerman says:

    Holy Shit as if he is still alive

  9. cutieLoverstone says:

    wow poor guy and no one is helping him

  10. Anonymous says:

    What a sad world we live in when people will stand round and video this and not help. Think how you would feel if it were you or a member of your family lying there having everyone just staring.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen the guy... how would have helped him?? Im sure the ambulance was called, they could do nothing else but wait.

  12. muscatbea says:

    The passers-by were callous, he must have been in terrible shock and someone should have covered up his injuries and knelt down to talk and comfort him until help arrived. TLC costs nothing, instead he was just left, looking at his horrific injuries. What an inspiration he is.

  13. Anonymous says:

    That is awful. No way did that man survive those sorts of injuries it must be two seperate instances.

  14. domi says:

    I to would find this a miracle if this is the same man. If he did not pass by the injury then he must of from shock. but i agree with one of the comments TLC should have been done if that were me i would have covered his eyes, hold his hands and say something. i don't speak their language but im sure just hearing a comforting voice would relax them or put them at ease a little. Even singing something would help. i only know some japanese songs but anything would do really. but yah someone should hae comforted or occupy his hands from pulling at his own flesh!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone find it odd that he is not bleeding?

  16. kotipeltox says:

    hmm, he isn´t bleedind that much and he touches his "guts" so normal, it´s like a zombie or a cyborg, but you know, what really pisses me off, is the people recording and doing a shit to help that guy.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Im sure people wana help him but dont quite know how coz the site isnt something that you and me can overlook in our might to comfort him...this case is best left to either doctors or people who really dont feel much looking at the sight of blood and mangled flesh..but how many of us are that way??? Not many Im guessing...

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wait.. he's this is a different guy. The guy who got run over is from vietnam. The guy who's walking is name peng shulin, thats a chinese name. Also he's in beijing, in china.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have witnessed an accident quite similar to this, except it was a young chinese girl trapped in her car and her body was mangled. I was the first one who decided to do anything about it because the rest just stared at her thinkin there was nothin to do to save or was just not willing to get involved. I tried to keep her awake from goin into shock by talkin to her and even massaging her feet, but she was in extreme pain and her backbone was already broken in 2. In the end she died, but its not anybodies fault, its just the mentality of my Malaysian friends who are not educated.

  20. Anonymous says:


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