50 Cent - Behind The Music


Last night VH1 continued their "Behind The Music" series, this time focussing on 50 Cent. The G-Unit General's episode contained interviews from 50's grandparents and aunt, Eminem, Sha Money XL and fellow G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. The show starts off discussing 50 growing up in Queens without a father and living with his grandparents, then later the death of his mother. [50 Cent - Behind The Music - Watch It Now - Click Here]

Continuing through his drug-dealing days, getting arrested as a teenager and finally getting into the music business and signing with Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC. 50 Then 50 gets signed to Columbia Records and later got out of it to sign with some guys nammed Eminem & Dr Dre. [VH1 Behind The Music - 50 Cent - Watch It All Here]
50 Cent - Behind The Music (Part 1)

50 Cent - Behind The Music (Part 2)

50 Cent - Behind The Music (Part 3)

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